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White Spot is a Canadian restaurant chain based in Vancouver, British Columbia, best known for its hamburgers, Pirate Pak children's meal, and other home-style food, as well as its "carhop" drive-in service and "Triple O" burger sauce. In recent years, the chain has attempted to move into more upscale but still family-friendly decor and food, including menus developed with local celebrity chefs, while also expanding with fast-food oriented, retro-decorated White Spot Triple-O's outlets.

The restaurant was founded on June 16, 1928, by Nat Bailey. His first idea for a name for the eatery had been Granville Barbecue, but Nat instead took the advice of a friend who suggested he call it White Spot after a restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California—in part because the name sounded spotless and clean.

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