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Wikipedia logo

The Wikipedia logo has been regarded as “extremely ethno-centric” by the author of Wikipedia search engine ScottMoonen when it looked more like an American flag. It was later recommended to insert a globe in the Wikipedia logo to ensure the immeasurable establishment of the website. After an extensive research for the Wikipedia logo, a new improved and innovative logo was ultimately employed which is certainly consistent to the website multilingual nature. It was Paul Stansifer, a.k.a. Paullusmagnus who approached with the puzzle globe design. After slight amendments in the puzzle sphere by Nohat, a Wikipedia administrator, it became the final logo design for the leading website.

The Wikipedia logo has managed to hold a strong position and demonstrate a universal connection. The extensive accessible research on every aspect, in several different languages, is genuinely signaled by the Wikipedia logo. There is no doubt that the Wikipedia logo has played an immense character to help promote the website to be ranked among the top ten most visited websites worldwide.

Shape of Wikipedia Logo:
Supremacy and power are evidently observable in the shape of Wikipedia logo. The structure of the Wikipedia logo shows the firm hold of the corporation. A puzzle sphere with a few missing pieces describes the Wikipedia logo. This image clearly represents that the website covers all aspects of phenomenon occurring throughout the world.

Color of Wikipedia Logo:
A soft and light gray hue is used in the Wikipedia logo to depict the corporate outlook of the organization. Another distinguished character is provided to the Wikipedia logo with the use of grey color, making it appear more simple and easy-to-remember. The Wikipedia logo has a cool tint that highlights the company’s integrity.

Font of Wikipedia Logo:
Wikipedia logo uses Serif font which is simple yet stylish. On the contrary, the slogan ‘The Free Encyclopedia’ in Wikipedia logo is inscribed in italic fashion. Some symbols of various languages are imprinted on the globe of the Wikipedia logo, narrating the website’s multilingual character.

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