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Xerox logo

The new Xerox logo is now a lowercase treatment of the Xerox name - in a vibrant red - alongside a sphere-shaped symbol sketched with lines that link to form an illustrative "X," representing Xerox's connections to its customers, partners, industry and innovation, and designed to be more effectively animated for use in multi-media platforms.

"Our brand is one of our most prized assets and the value it brings to our business is immeasurable," added Ursula Burns, president, Xerox. "Our customers, our employees and our shareholders connect the most with what the brand stands for -- quality, innovation, customer-focus and a values-rich culture. Today, we're strengthening all our attributes and giving our brand a contemporary look that is more relevant for business today - a bit less formal, a lot more lively with links to our heritage and a nod to the future."

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